Valentines Day Gifts For Your New Relationship

When you are in a fairly new relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a bit tricky. You don’t really know each other that well yet, but you obviously want to mark the occasion. It is important to choose something that is thoughtful but not over the top which could risk scaring him/her off.

So, how do you choose Valentine’s Gift for your New Relationship?

Ideas for a man to give to a woman:

If it is a very new relationship, there is no harm in sticking to the traditional flowers or chocolates. Most women as well as Luxury companions Amsterdam would love to receive flowers (unless they are allergic to them!). Choose a nice bouquet of mixed flowers, there is no need to go OTT with red roses unless you really feel that this relationship is going somewhere, or a single red rose is a lovely gesture.

Most women also love chocolates (unless she’s on a diet!). Choose something special, not just an ordinary box of everyday chocolates -a heart-shaped box, some exquisite hand-made chocolates or visit a chocolatier for something more individual.

Expensive jewelry is not really appropriate for a new relationship as you could risk frightening her off. If you feel you would like to give her jewelry, give her something in silver, perhaps with her birthstone or a nice piece of fashion jewelry if that is what she wears

Why not give her some music. If you know what she likes, you could compile a selection of her favorite music on CD and give it to her in a nice card or get tickets to see a band that you both like.

A nice meal will always go down well. Why not cook a special meal for her, that will show her that you care and will also give you a chance to show off your culinary skills. If you don’t have any, then book a table in a nice, intimate restaurant.

If you want to be a bit more imaginative, plan a picnic. Pack up some delicious goodies and a bottle of champagne and head off to a suitable spot. Take a big umbrella in case of rain, a waterproof sheet to sit on and a big blanket to cuddle up in if it’s a bit chilly.

Ideas for a woman to give to a man.

Men are not quite so easy as women to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for. Flowers are not normally a gift that a man would be happy to receive – but there are exceptions. Before you go for this option make sure that he is confident enough in his masculinity not to be offended and has a good sense of humor.

Chocolates are also OK as long as you choose carefully. Don’t go for something that is flowery and feminine, you could get something individual from a chocolatier and have a message iced on to it, this could be something humorous or a bit romantic (don’t go overboard or you will scare him off!)

Another idea could be a nice tie if he wears ties or silk boxer shorts if you feel confident enough to get something a bit intimate.

As before, the meal options would be appropriate and well-received – offer to cook a special meal for him (if he hasn’t asked you first) or do a picnic.

Music, DVD or a game would also make good gifts if you know what his tastes are, as would a pair of tickets for you both to see his favorite band.

With a bit of thought, you will be able to find a suitable Valentine’s Day gift for the new love in your life without the risk of giving out the wrong message too soon into your new relationship. If you get it wrong, you will run a real risk of frightening off your new partner if he/she thinks that you have settled on them for good and they are not ready for that stage of the relationship just yet. So take some care and read the signals.