Top 5 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Wife

During Valentine’s Day, images of heart shaped chocolate box and roses come to mind. While those gifts are seen as romantic, they’re not very personal. This Valentine’s Day, why not personalize a gift? With some planning, you can give your wife a touching gift she will love. Here’s a list of 5 gifts that can be made to order from


Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift that can be easily personalized. Instead of buying a diamond ring or earrings, get your wife’s birthstone. It’s a small personalization that is widely available. Another jewelry idea is to have a small message engraved into the ring’s band. This can be a favorite song lyric, names, or an anniversary date. Online stores like, and have rings, bracelets, and watches that can be engraved.


Candies are not only for Cadeau meisje 11 jaar. It is also a great gift that you can give to your wife during Valentine‚Äôs day. My M M;’ has a variety of personalized chocolate available. From photos to words, you can choose what to put on the candy and pick the colors. They also have a Valentine’s Day section with different price ranges and gift packages. lets you personalize chocolate bar wrappers. They have a Valentine’s Day template or you can upload your own.


From sexy to tame, has a large selection of nighties, bathrobes, and panties that can be customized. Many of the items come in a variety of colors. also has panties and t-shirts that can be personalized. They even have a Valentine’s Day section. This is more then just a name on a shirt. You can add you wife’s name to one of their cute, sassy quotes.

Soap and Spa Items has engraved, personalized soaps that come in a variety of scents and sizes. Choose from a monogram, initial, or word. Scents like chocolate truffle, long stemmed roses, and tropical fruit sorbet are perfect for Valentine’s Day. has a customizable spa gift bag. You can monogram the bag and pick from 12 colors. Also included in the set is a pumice stone, mirror, and back scrubber. has a large selection of spa gift baskets that come with a personalized card.

Stationary and Scrapbooking has everything from personalized bookmarks, stamps with Disney characters, and note cards. There is a wide variety of Valentine themed merchandise. You can even upload your own photo to use. This website has great stationary and scrapbooking supplies your wife will love for years to come.

If you take the time and give your wife a personalized Valentine’s Day gift, she will cherish it. Personalized gifts are unique and thoughtful. Instead of the last minute scramble to find a gift for your wife, try personalization this year.