The Single Best Credit Card For Online Shoppers And Diners

At first glance, Upromise MasterCard may seem not an impressive card for every day spending – it offers 1% cash generally, 2% cash back in Department stores and movie theaters. These are not that exciting considering there are other credit cards that give a flat out 2% cash back on everything, like Citi DoubleCash or Fidelity Rewards Amex credit cards. However, what really makes this card stand out is that it offers 5% for online shopping and restaurants, in addition to the cash back that already offers! Be aware that certain requirements need to be met to get the 5% but it’s still a great deal! Below is why.

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5% Cash Back Online shopping

The 5% will be rewarded only when you make online purchase through its Upromise shopping portal. And that 5% is IN ADDITION TO whatever cash back rate Upromise is already offering. For example, at the time of writing, Upromise offers 5% cash back for,,, and if you use your Upromise credit card to finish the online purchase, you will get a total of 5%+5%=10% cash back! It gets even better – if you link your High Yield Savings Account to your Upromise account, you get 10% match on your Upromise cash back, meaning in the previous examples you will get a total of 10%+10%x10%=11% cash back! There is a huge list of participating Upromise online retailers – just browse through and most likely your favorite online retailer is listed there!

The credit card also specifically mentioned 5% online travel cash back which to me is already included in the online shopping. In order to qualify for the 5% cash back, you need to click through Upromise Travel Partners online to make the purchase. Below is a screen shot that lists some of the travel partners, and many of them already offer 5-7% cash back. Plus the additional 5% cash back from your Upromise credit card, it would be again more than 10% cash back!

5% Cash Back Restaurants

There are some credit cards that offer 5% cash back on restaurants periodically, for example Discover It or Chase Freedom cards, but the 5% for Upromise credit card is valid any time of the year and you don’t need to enroll! However, it has restrictions on what restaurants or in some cases even what day you make the purchase for it to qualify. You can find a participating Upromise restaurant in their website and from what I found, I’m not too impressed with the number of restaurants. But it’s still worth checking out – if your go-to restaurant is participating, you can save some money there by using the Upromise MasterCard.

Up to 14.3% Cash Back on Dining!

Upromise Dining Program is a dining rewards program regardless of whether you have Upromise credit card, and it offers up to 8% cash back! Just register any credit card to your Upromise account and you can enjoy the dining reward program. If you have Upromise credit card of course you’d want to register that card. Remember, it’s in addition to your 5% cash back from using your Upromise credit card, and combined with the 10% bonus if you have linked your High Yield Savings Account to your Upromise account, that means a total of (5%+8%)x1.1=14.3%. How much cash from the Upromise Dining Program you earn does depend on how much you spend, and 8% is the maximum cash back amount (see chart below). Although I’m not too impressed with the number of participating Upromise restaurants which you can search on their website, if you eat in these restaurants, you get fantastic rewards! Overall I’m still impressed with their dining cash back.

Don’t Forget About the $100 First-use Bonus

The $100 bonus is not that impressive because there are other cards offering $400 sign-up bonus or more, but I think of it as an added benefit because it already offers superior cash back rates for online shopping and dining! You get the bonus after your first use – easy money!