Pokemon Go- Beginners’ Venture

No matter how old you become, one should never let the proverbial child inside them die out because those that are young at heart all the time are deemed fit and healthy due to having a highly positive outlook on life despite immense challenges that all of us come across.

Nothing can be comparable to the exciting days of childhood when we all used to sit amongst friends and play our favorite video games on the PlayStation with many continuing to do so even how just to relieve the good old times that seem too good to be true.

Pokemon was one among many games that we all were spoilt for choice that has now seen an upgraded version in the form of Pokemon Go in order to blend with change of times because all the games have now found their way on our smart phones and so Pokemon Go has become more relevant than ever.

Guiding Tips

There are some folks that are new to Pokemon Go and would like to learn about the necessary tips required to play the game and therefore the ones mentioned below are going to be of great help.

For 2021, you need to have a strong battle lineup of Pokemons because the enemy is stronger than you think so lucky eggs are good start up ventures for trainers as they increase the points to a double of an XP earned by a player and if you activate the egg while using incense then it is the perfect way to move forward.

Some pokemons are hard to capture so lure them with berries so that beginners get to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their prey, which leads to winning more candies for the pocket monster in the Pokeball.

Start the Mr. Mime pokemon go account following which you switch off the augmented reality or AR mode while playing as pokemons are not easy to catch and it can drain off your battery quickly.

Candy is essential for pocket monsters especially for rare pokemon species so always store them for use during emergencies.