Is Laser Tattoo Removal Better Over The Creams?

Tattoo removal is as much the trend as the imprints are. People change their minds and choices, which lead to opt for complete eradication. There has been a constant debate on the hows and whys of different removal processes widely adopted. One of the preferred painless treatment is using creams. Their count is surplus taken many brands have come forth claiming the best of naturality and guaranteed results. In contrast, laser removal strikes back with its separate fan base.

Should You Opt Laser?

Laser removal is undoubtedly the modern procedure and the one in trend. However, some factors beat some of the drawbacks of creams which are:

  • Quick Process 

Creams take a long duration to react and impact tattoos to fade away. Laser is a one-time process to target and exterminate without a long delay. Its effect is profound and leaves no trace or faded remnants.

  • Precise Removal

Sometimes tattoos small and only intentional are desired to be removed. The application of creams can disturb the surrounding art and damage the look. Instead, laser work precisely shoots at the exact cells with safe treatment to save the rest.

  • Safe From Reactions

Skin is always prone to sensitive reactions. The ingredients of the creams might not be suitable for certain skin type and can damage them further. Burns and rashes are often complaints where people also faced deep tissue problems. Laser is also deemed painful as the cells are directly attacked. The professionals often use TKTX numbing creams to avoid the pain. 

  • Post Treatment Care:

The recovery time is much less than the cream usage restrictions. The cooling ointments and proper draped clothing quicken the process more.

Lasers are slightly painful but have effective results. Meanwhile, creams are easy to go and painless efforts. Anyhow the choice of method depends on the need and suitability.