How to Select the Best Flagpole?

The most crucial detail to remember when shopping for a flagpole is to select one whose height and weight suit your needs. Other factors such as colors and designs can also impact your purchase. Whether you’re looking for a short pole to mount on the front porch, a long pole to fly over your fence, or a large sectional flagpole with multiple Mastivimpel flags, you’ll find it here in addition to 100% American made products.

Ways to Select the Best Flagpole –

  • Determine the Pole Height

Flagpoles mounted on the front of a residence should be no more than 40 feet high, while flagpoles mounted in the backyard should be no more than 60 feet tall.

  • Determine the Pole Weight

A residential flagpole should be designed to support at least one 2×3 (51 square foot) flag, plus 50% of its weight. Always remember that more giant flags require heavier poles to fly them properly.

  • Determine the Pole’s Colors

When selecting the flagpole’s colors, be sure to choose one that contrasts nicely with your breezeway and house. The best colors for this purpose are black. However, gray and white poles are also excellent choices when matching your exterior hues.

  • Determine the Pole’s Design

Many styles of flagpoles are available and can be selected by considering your home’s location and type of decor. In most cases, the more decorative the flagpole, the more expensive it is.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a flagpole is to select one whose height, weight, and colors/design suit your needs. Other factors like color combinations and size can also impact your purchase decision. When you’re ready to replace your old pole, Flag Loft offers North American-made flagpoles that offer you the highest quality and the newest styles at affordable prices.