Get To Know The 5 Top Scams Happened On The Internet

Every other day on the internet, we see plenty of news floating regarding the scams happening online. Every person who is present on online platforms is exposed to a number of frauds. If you are thinking of ways of How to Avoid the Worst Online Scamsthen, first of all, you need to be aware of them. So, let us discuss them in detail. 

The online dating scam  

In 2013, a retired woman lost the saving of 1.3 million dollars in a dating scam to Dave. They were connected to the online dating website, and at the end, when the lady has started finding interest in the man; Dave has demanded the amount of money. When Ellen gave him money, he turned out to be a fraud in the end. 

International Credit Card Fraud Ring

This scam also happened in the year 2013 February. An organization of 18 members has done a scam of 200 million dollars theft from the credit cards. They were accused of making 7000 fake identities, and with the help of that, they have started to steal the credit card details and borrowed money. Later, the police have arrested all the members of the organization. 

Global Fraud Ring Scam

It was the scam that happened around the year 2010. It was a computer crime in which a number of hackers have started stealing the credit card details of the people used at the supermarkets and retail stores. With the help of that, they have started taking out the credit cards’ money and have started taking the loans. The whole amount, which was calculated by the U.S. Federal court, was 200 million dollars. Later all the hackers were convicted in this case. 

These are the biggest hacks in the history of the online world. To save yourself, you must keep an eye on the places where you are entering your card details and never easily trust any anonymous person.