E-Cigarettes and Your Health

Electronic cigarettes have their critics, but even the critics agree that e-cigs are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. With e-cigs, you can still get a bit of nicotine, if you want it, without risking cancer, a heart attack, and lung disease, among other dangers.

While the jury and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are still out on the overall health benefits of electronic cigarettes, one thing is certain: vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. We’ve written before that some electronic cigarette makers make dubious claims about e-cigs’ health benefits, but the simple fact is that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful to the human body than traditional cigarettes. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Better for your body in general: Electronic cigarettes do not contain carbon monoxide, tar, ash, carcinogens, or any of the hundreds of other toxic substances found in tobacco cigarettes.
  • Better for your heart: Studies have shown that e-cigarettes do not cause blood vessels to constrict the way tobacco cigarettes do, meaning they do not negatively affect heart function. When researchers compared the heart function of tobacco smokers before and after smoking to the heart function of vapers before and after using an e-cig, they found that the tobacco smokers’ heart functions dropped, and their heart rates rose. The vapers (e-cig users), however, experienced no significant change in heart rate or function.
  • Better for your blood pressure: The same study showed that tobacco smokers’ blood pressures rose measurably while the vapers’ blood pressures increased only slightly.
  • Better for your mouth, throat, esophagus, and lungs: Traditional cigarettes are bad for the areas that come in close contact with the smoke. Cigarette smokers can suffer from a hacking cough, throat cancer, lung cancer, Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), and countless other diseases directly caused by smoking.
  • Better for your appearance: E-cigs do not stain fingers or teeth. Those nasty yellowish-brown stains are dead giveaways that someone has spent way too much time with traditional cigarettes.
  • Better for your wallet: For heavy smokers, e-cigs can be less expensive than tobacco cigarettes.
  • Better for your work and social life: Since electronic smokeless cigarettes do not emit smoke, vapers do not have to leave nonsmoking areas to enjoy an e-cig. No more standing out in the heat or cold, smoking a tobacco cigarette, and wondering whether your boss or significant other is ticked off about your zillionth smoke break of the day.
  • Better for your schedule: In addition to eliminating the need for smoke breaks, e-cigs are quicker. Many vapers only need a few puffs from an electronic cigarette to ease their nicotine cravings, compared to the several minutes it takes to finish a regular cigarette.
  • Better for your aroma: No stale tobacco smoke stench lingering in your hair and clothes and on your hands and breath. E-cigs allow you to stay fresh as a daisy no matter how often you vape.
  • Better for nonsmokers and the environment: Electronic cigarettes do not release smoke and therefore do not pollute the environment and the lungs of nonsmokers. That’s always a plus, especially near kids and people with health problems like asthma.

So yeah, e-cigs are great, if somewhat untested. The FDA is still evaluating them, which is a slow process partly because there have been no long-term studies of e-cigs’ effects on the body. Some people have reported throat and lung irritation after vaping, and there is a concern that children and teenagers will use e-cigs. Still, for people who are addicted to tobacco cigarettes and have been unable to quit with other smoking cessation methods, e-cigs can be a lifesaver.

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