Different Types Of Giveaways Provided By Gamers To Newbie

While there are many reasons to give away free items, the primary motivation is to show appreciation for some individuals. For others, it’s an excellent marketing strategy. Some people enjoy giving away an item to get someone else interested in the game; popular streamers often use rare items as prizes on their channels.

What Kind Of Giveaways Can Newbies Find?

There are many different gaming giveaways for free that gamers provide newbies to introduce them to their game and motivate them to continue playing it. Here they are: 

  • Gaming chairs:

This is the most widely used giveaway in many games. All the streams on Twitch, Youtube, and other video streaming sites are filled with gamers showing off their gaming chairs. These chairs are controlled with a gamepad, and they can provide various functions such as vibration, backlight, headrests, and more. It is also possible to connect a PC to the chair to be used as an additional gaming station. Some gamers prefer to give away their gaming chairs instead of other giveaways because they are more expensive than most other items they can give away.

  • Gaming console:

Most streamers like to give away their gaming consoles instead of other giveaways. They can provide newbies with an extensive choice of consoles such as Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and even mobile versions. Most streamers either get their consoles personally, or they choose demo models. Console gamers usually prefer to give away a console instead of another giveaway because they can play the game on it.

  • Computer hardware:

Computer hardware is another widely used giveaway in many games by gamers. Many products can be given away as hardware, including laptops, processors, graphic cards, and even headsets. The giveaway process of computer hardware is similar to the one for a gaming console; some gamers prefer to give away their hardware while others prefer to give away demo models.