Children’s Movies – Disney Animation

Aside from the Saturday afternoon matinee movies we all loved, some movies for children were not available in this venue. Actually they were in limited release and living in Northern New Jersey, we were only a bus ride or train ride from New York City. To see the Disney movies, my mother and I traveled to New York City and got to see what would become all time classics.

“Cinderella” was every little girl’s dream. To be dressed by the mice and taken to the ball in a beautiful pumpkin coach. I too dreamed of wearing the glass slippers and being swept off my feet by a handsome prince. At five years old I never imagined that would really happen. Ok, so he wasn’t royalty nor did he have a white horse, but he had a convertible and we did live happily ever after!

“Alice in Wonderland” was a great movie but to my six year old mind it was scary and too fast paced. When I got to see it long after, I understood it much better. It was based on a Lewis Carrol story and I believe a bit too over the top for children too young to understand and follow the story. Alice finds only solace in the King of Hearts and the rest of the characters in this film are pretty much ambivalent to her needs to return home.

“Peter Pan” was more to my liking, he was a character who never wanted to grow up and this is a lovely premise if you can stay a child and live in Never Never Land where all is well except for Captain Hook and his pirates, pretty much for a two little boys and their sister and his rag tag group of boys But all goes well as it usually does in Disney movies and any scary parts for a young mind are swiftly forgotten as the fairy tale ending concludes.

My all time favorite was “Lady and the Tramp” a magical love story where a beautiful pampered cocker spaniel is wooed by Tramp, a streetwise mongrel. Who could ever forget their romantic dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. There was little violence in this film which is probably why it was such a hit. Other than Lady being captured by the Dog Catcher, a rat trying to attach the Darling’s baby and Aunt Sarah’s mean Siamese cats, it had a happy ending when Tramp comes to live with the Darling family which is now grown by Lady and Tramp’s four puppies. This love story is being highly recommended through the creativity of animation companies in Singapore and in other countries.

It seems that Walt Disney was a genius with a sinister streak. Every animated movie I remember had scary parts, parts that made you cry and parts that made you jump for joy. I guess if life could be an animated story, it would happen the same way. Very few of us escape without any hardships, bumps and bruises. But if we can look on the bright side, and reflect back, usually the good far outweighs the bad.