Bathe Your Dirty Cat like a Professional

You may have wondered why anyone would attempt the foolish endeavor of giving a cat a bath. That is until you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of having to do just that. It does not have to be a total disaster however, with injuries to both cat and owner, accompanied by trauma to both parties. Most likely only a medicated cat or a very unusual one will enjoy the experience, but it can be done in a timely and tolerable way, with adequate preparation.

In some cases it becomes necessary to bathe a cat, such as when it stops grooming itself. This can occur for medical or age related reasons, and also when not properly modeled by a mother cat. Long-haired breeds also can be inadequate groomers, simply due to an overabundance of hair and unnatural litter box conditions. Aside from giving your cat a nice shelter just like turtle paludarium setup class, it is also important that you provide your cat the best care possible. 

  • Provide a calm atmosphere for your cat. A quiet, warm home and gentle mannerisms coming from a cat’s owner will go a long way toward providing tranquility. Establish a bond by petting your cat in a relaxed manner. Some pet owners underestimate the affect their own emotions and attitudes have on their pets.
  • Wear an old shirt, preferably with tough or thick fabric. Provide protection for your hands with gloves. These will be a shield from your cat’s claws.
  • Place a towel in the bottom of the sink or bathtub. This will give your kitty something to grip with her claws, hopefully in lieu of your shirt. Have towels, a plastic cup and a mild fragrance-free cat shampoo nearby.
  • Fill the sink with a few inches of lukewarm water. Leave the faucet on a low stream and pick up your kitty, holding one hand under her belly and the other loosely holding the scruff of her neck. This will give you some amount of control, as holding the skin around the top part of the neck mimics a mother cat’s dominant behavior.
  • Continuing to hold her, place her into the bath. Be prepared for the probability of one or more of the following: claws flailing, mournful meowing, stiff body, and desperate attempts to get out as quickly as possible.
  • Holding the nape of the neck securely but humanely, gently splash water onto her, washing her with a minimal amount of shampoo. This will make it easier to rinse.
  • Use the plastic cup to rinse her, avoiding her face. If necessary, you can use a washcloth to wipe her face.
  • Place a towel over her and pick her up, wrapping her in it. This will dry her sufficiently before you let her go. She will most likely run off to groom herself in a private place.

You can be proud to have accomplished such a task! In no time you will be back in your kitty’s good graces when she sees you can still be trusted to give unconditional love and timely meals.