3 Most Important Advertising Methods to Promote Your Website

There are many types of advertising options available to you: word of mouth advertising, search engines, pay per click ads, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and even radio or TV spots. For our purposes, however, we are only going to look at three of these.

The three advertising options that we will concentrate on- pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing – all have one thing in common. These types of advertising are very time management friendly. Deal Dash will create awareness about the products for increasing the profit. Different techniques can be adopting for creating awareness about the products so that the amount will be increased. All the advertising techniques should be mentioned to the business person through the marketers. The management will be friendly for the person.

Pay per click, or PPC

Pay per click, or PPC, advertising sounds just like what it is. This type of advertising allows business owners to bid for special positions on search result pages. The ad campaign benefit of this type of advertising is that it allows you to concentrate your advertising efforts on those customers that are searching for one of keywords. The time management benefit of this advertising is that once you have set up your pay per click bids, the process is virtually hands-free.

The downside of this type of advertising is the cost. Depending on the cost of each click, and the number of clicks that your listing receives, the monthly cost of this advertising can run into the thousands of dollars range. However, since it usually takes some time before you listing receives that many clicks, this option is still a great way to build up some customer interest.

Search Engine Optimization

Now, let’s take a look at search engine optimization. Every Internet marketer is vying for the highest position possible on a search results page. If a potential customer type’s one of your keywords into the search box on Google, then you want your web page listing to pop up right on top. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy to achieve as it sounds.

The position that a web site reaches during a particular search is based on a variety of things. However, keywords, and their placement, are the key. For the best results, the keyword (that is the word that person who is conducting the search is looking for) needs to be included in the title of the web page, the text of the web page, and again in the link for the web page. Again this is not as easy as it sounds.

When constructing your pages for search engine optimization you have two choices: one, you can do it yourself, or two, you can hire a company to do it for you. While it can be done, you will probably need to spend a lot of time becoming familiar with how keywords and search optimization really work. Them you will have to spend some more time writing the titles, text, and links to reflect what you have learned.

Since our focus with advertising is on time management, the obvious way to go is to hire this type of advertising to be done for you. Then, not only will you save time constructing your inks, but you will also save time building up your advertising campaign and your customer base.

Email Marketing

The final form of advertising that is time management friendly is email marketing. This type of advertising is aimed at your current customers, or at least those individuals whom have already visited your site. The point of this advertising is to generate new and repeat sales from the customers in your existing database.

This type of advertising works by encouraging individuals to sign up for a newsletter or other type of email correspondence upon visiting your site. Once they have supplied you with their email address, you can begin sending them information that is also targeted to increase or promote sales.

Good pieces of information to include in any email marketing campaign are weekly, or monthly newsletters, bonus reports, industry updates, e-book excerpts, sale notifications, and thank you messages that advertise another popular item. The good news is that these campaigns usually work, and that they work well with your current time management plan. Once you have an email message constructed, all you have to do is add it to your autoresponder list.

There is one drawback to this option, however. This type of advertising does not work to get you new customers who have never been to your site. You can only send out these blanket emails to individuals who have agreed to receive them. Even so, they are a great advertising idea, and setting them up will not break your time management budget.