Why Are Hemp Products So Expensive – Know the reason!!

I recently went out for dinner with some girlfriends and the conversation turned to hemp. One of my friends brought up a really great point – that while she knows about the benefits of hemp and why she should be using it more, hemp products are expensive. And often it is a cost that she cannot justify when she has two young children at home.

It was an issue for me when I first learnt about hemp. I spent $20 on 250 g of hemp seeds and our family of 3 went through them pretty quickly. It was the same with hemp clothing, There are some really beautiful items made from hemp, but they were mostly out of my price range.

It’s easy to see why hemp products are more expensive. Farmers don’t receive subsidies for growing hemp, the market for hemp products is still small, so there aren’t the cost benefits of supplying large volumes. While you are purchasing cbd vape juice, you should know the reason behind the expensive price. It will assist you to prepare the budget for the spending of the money. The benefits related to the cost are provided to the consumers so that the spending of the money is less. 

In comparison, the price of junk foods and clothing made from cotton, and synthetic materials is much lower. This doesn’t reflect the true cost of these items, for example with junk foods you have to consider the burden on the health system from heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

And what is the true cost for clothing made from cotton or petrochemical products when you factor in the environmental damage to our soils, our water and our air? Similar questions can be asked for cosmetics, paper, building materials… what are the hidden costs?

Not only do we bear the cost due to the degradation of our environment, we also have to pay taxes to clean up some of the damage and to fund the healthcare system.

When you look at it like that, the cost of hemp products may be the same or even less than that of other unsustainable products.

That said, if hemp products are to reach the mainstream, they have to be competitive in some way. That isn’t to say they have to be the same price as other products, in many cases I don’t believe that is possible.

I think it is up to hemp manufacturers to make the case that hemp is a superior product worth paying a bit extra for. For example, hemp is a nutrient dense food source so you don’t have to eat as much to feel full compared to other foods. And hemp clothing will last longer compared to other flimsy fashion items that are designed to last no longer than a season.

As consumers we can also find hemp products that don’t break the bank. Searching around for clearance items, buying in bulk, buying with friends and even buying second hand – these are all ways that we can support hemp but in a way that is sustainable for us and our families.