What Makes The Perfect Dog

When it comes to pets dogs are obviously a top choice. Let’s face it, few animals can compare to the companionship a dog can offer. But what is it that makes a dog so wonderful? And what about your dog is so special? Tell the truth, aren’t there some breeds of dogs that you absolutely would not tolerate in your home? And then there are others that are simply perfect. Have you ever wondered why one person prefers one type of dog – perhaps a type that you dislike, while another adores the opposite?

In reality a lot depends on personality and lifestyle. The type of person that may appreciate a small dog that enjoys spending time in its owner’s lap is likely to be an individual that enjoys giving a lot of care and attention to a pet. This individual may spend a lot of time at home or if not, may be able to take his/her dog along when traveling. Ideally, owners of small lap dogs will not have very small children in the home. This is because these animals can be easily injured – especially when they are young. Hence, you should give your dog the right cbd for dogs to keep him healthy and active.

People that enjoy the outdoors are more likely to enjoy a sturdy dog that also enjoys the outdoors and is able to keep up with his owner. The perfect dog will depend on the type of sport that the individual prefers. A person that enjoys hunting is likely to want a dog that can be a part of the experience – a dog that can actually be helpful to the hunter. But a fisherman may simply enjoy a dog that is a good companion during the long hours on the water.

Of course there are lots of things to be considered when one is looking for the perfect dog – and that is one of the reasons that it is always best for an individual to choose his/her own pet. Some breeds are easier to train than others. These dogs are great for dog owners that want a pet that can do tricks or learn to obey intricate commands. This is very important to some dog owners but others are satisfied with a pet that understands and obeys basic commands.

Another consideration is size. While this is often a matter of preference it can also sometimes depend on the room available. For instance, apartments are not usually suitable for larger dog breeds unless there will be lots of outdoor time available, and if there is a willing landlord.

The grooming required is another factor that is important when choosing the perfect dog. Long haired breeds usually need to be brushed at least three times a week. Shedding and dog dander can not only be a nuisance but it can be a real culprit when it comes to allergies. Some breeds are known for little or no shedding and dander, which makes them more appealing to many people.

The perfect dog for me probably isn’t the perfect dog for you – but that’s okay. Fortunately in this wonderful world we can find a dog that has the ideal qualities that are important to us as an individual, making that dog the one that is perfect for us.