What is Subtitling, and how do the Services of Subtitling Assist Break Down Cultural Divide 

Subtitling, probably amongst the under-researched topic in a translation study, is a difficult task faced via many restrictions compelling subtitlers to utilize specific strategies to improve the quality of subtitles. This guide aims to recognize the subtitling approaches adopted in the subtitling of the culture-bound term in an American movie named ‘The American Pie’ to assess the translation of the terms. For this very purpose, the entire data was collected and qualitatively examined using Pedersen’s typology & Pedersen’s quality evaluation model. 

Know about the Foundings- The Results

The result of a study showed, most strategies proposed via Pedersen were utilized. It was even found that a few other translation plans were utilized in the subtitles. A couple of new subtitling plans were recognized, using a euphemistic expression and formal language to render the informal language. And the quality assessment went on to show that most of the subtitles are of good quality like in some cases, there were a few serious problems or errors.

In brief- The Demand of the Subtitling

Subtitling is a very demanding cognitive procedure loaded with difficulties and problems and textual qualitative & formal quantitative challenges. The formal constraint is seen in terms of a space limit, which’s a max of 2 lines alongside 35 characters, whilst textual constraints and the challenges can well be viewed in the visual context of a film. In addition, there are several technical issues in subtitling, like the average reading rate of viewers. 

It is also recommended that the short subtitles be presented for a minimum of 1.5 secs to avoid the flashing effect. To know more about the same, you may look over the classes offered by subtitling services uk