What is HCG Immunity and How to Avoid?

Whether you are utilizing HCG drops or you opt for HCG injections, you may encounter difficulties with developing immunity to the HCG products you are using. HCG immunity occurs when the body adjusts to the very low-calorie diet one consumes on the diet plan and the HCG supplements being used.

The end result is that the dieter suddenly stops losing pounds. Dr. Simeons states in Pounds and Inches, “Though this phenomenon (HCG immunity) is well known, we cannot as yet define the underlying mechanism.

Maybe after a certain length of time, the body learns to break down and eliminate HCG very rapidly, or possibly prolonged treatment leads to some sort of counter-regulation which annuls the diencephalic effect.” If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight then these leptoconnect reviews can help you with that. 

Immunity occurs at different times for every individual that faces it, but not every dieter will have an immunity develop. Sometimes if a dieter takes a much higher dose of HCG than the recommended amount daily, he or she would probably soon become immune to HCG.

Often times, after a typical round of taking HCG injections or drops ranging from 23 to 40 days, immunity can set in if the dieter continues taking the daily HCG. This is why the HCG diet plan calls for a “break” of a minimum of 6 weeks between each round in order for the HCG immunity is lost and HCG again becomes fully effective.

While it might first seem that staying on the very low-calorie diet and continuing HCG use without stopping will maximize weight loss, indeed the opposite effect is often the result. When you stop using HCG and you consume foods moderately but normally, you are giving your body and mind a chance to adjust to the rapid changes you are going through.

Indicators that you are entering a phase of HCG immunity include things like bodily weakness as well as extreme appetite. If the HCG product is no longer as effective as it should be, and you feel weak and hungry, these are typical signs of immunity development.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with HCG immunity if you develop it. You should stop taking HCG and eat more healthy foods than you would while using HCG products. This will ensure that your will power is not diminished, that you rebuild and get the necessary nutrients your body requires, and it will also allow you to take your mind off of dieting for a brief period.

Another method for avoiding immunity, especially if you are using HCG injections, is to skipping the injections for one day out of every week especially for those who are engaging in the 40-day HCG injection plan. If you opt for this option, you will want to skip the necessary injection on the same day during the week every time you skip a dosage.

Doing this will help prevent the body from getting adjusted to the HCG in your body and then breaking it down to quickly thereby affecting the product’s overall effectiveness. You do feel slightly hungry on the days when you skip the injection. For those who choose to take only 23 injections, they can still inject HCG daily without skipping a dose every week, as they never develop immunity as long as their HCG dosage is right.