What Is Carbon Footprint and How to Measure It?

Climate changes bring major risks to the economies and businesses, so it is extremely important to reduce the carbon footprint. But, before moving ahead, you must know what is the carbon footprint and how to measure it.   

Carbon footprint is the number of greenhouse gases emitted by humans into the atmosphere by specific or individual event, group, or product. The common greenhouse gas humans release is carbon dioxide. But there are other greenhouse gases released by human processes, including flying, electricity, driving, diet, and even recycling. 

It is the exact definition of carbon footprint, but the question that arises here is how it is measured. The carbon footprint is measured using the basic concept of how many tons of carbon dioxide is released into the air. It also considers the noxious greenhouse gases like methane emitted per year.

How One Can Measure Carbon Footprint?

The annual carbon emission calculator is a tool designed to help people measure carbon emissions. The tool includes a different measurement option for individual activities and to fit in with how you presently gather the data. The calculator is the simple excel workbook with:

  • Auto populated graphs of cumulative annual emissions
  • Monthly sheets for users to input their usages every month

Users have to provide data including the waste, energy use, reorient loss, travel details in the monthly sheet to keep tracking the carbon emission they are responsible for. The chart has pre-set destinations for road and air transport that help users to calculate the distance traveled. The tool uses the standard emission factors to convert the energy into emissions, and it means that the majority of the emission factors integrate the non-CO2 gases. 

You may also hire experts in the field to do the job for you, and they provide detailed reports based on the data provided to them. They have specialized tools and methods used for measuring the individual Carbon Footprint. So, you may use their services to measure the Carbon Footprint in the environment.