What Does Entre Institute Teach?

The Entre Institute is a non-profit organization that provides education to individuals of all backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. The degree programs are structured to be affordable and accessible by almost everyone in the United States. Students have an opportunity to work in the field professionally and start their own company after graduation. ENTRE Institute teaches amazing training that helps people enhance their knowledge.

  • Extensive Internships

Entre’s curriculum embraces hands-on learning through extensive internships, service-learning opportunities and on-site courses taught by industry experts from over 100+ companies in the Philadelphia area. In addition, Entre Institute offers four-degree programs to students.

  • Wide Range of Options

Entre’s programs are flexible and can be tailored to suit the student’s needs. Options range from a four-year path that adds an MBA toward the end of the program to an accelerated two-year master’s degree in entrepreneurship to more intensive educational formats that provide students with more time in a professional field. The programs at Entre Institute are not a one-size-fits-all approach, and the institute is prepared to offer students the flexibility they need to complete their degree program.

  • Offer a Great Place

The Entre Institute offers a place where students can learn entrepreneurship while working. With over 100 mentors ranging from CEOs to freelancers and more, students have more connections than they would have at a traditional college or university. As a result, students find their style of learning and gain skills that can be used both in the workforce and for starting their own companies.

  • Numerous Internship Opportunities

Entre offers a student internship program designed to give students the chance to apply their knowledge learned in the classroom on a real-world level. In addition, students gain skills that they can use to start their businesses after they graduate. These internships occur at some of the largest companies in the Philadelphia area and can lead to jobs after graduation.

With the information, you can learn about the various aspects in which Entre Institute teaches people.