Weight Loss Without Special Equipment

Weight loss is never an easy thing. It requires dedication, effort, and commitment. Why add the extra pressure of going to the gym or purchasing specialized equipment? There are plenty of ways to get exercise in for weight loss that don’t require any special equipment.

Remember gym class in school? All of the push-ups, sit-ups, and laps? These exercises can easily be done with no special equipment and are some of the best exercises. Here are some basic instructions and variations that can be used to kick start a weight loss program straight out of junior high gym.


The basic push-up is one of the best exercises for building upper body strength. Start by placing your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and have your feet as the only other contact point with the ground. Push up until your arms are almost fully extended, then lower yourself toward the ground until your arms are at ninety degree angles. If this is too hard to start with, put your knees on the ground as well. Be mindful to keep your back straight.


There are three basic ways to do a more advanced push-up. First, you can raise your feet off the ground using a step, box, or chair and do push-ups on a downward angle. Second, you can move your arms further apart or closer together than shoulder-width. Third, and the hardest of the methods, you can place one foot on top of the other for a harder workout.

However you choose to do push-ups, pay attention to what your body is saying. Start by doing two to three sets of eight to twelve push-ups with a thirty to sixty second long break between sets. When this becomes easy, increase the ammount of push-ups in each set and try to stick with a thirty second resting period.


The sit-up you remember from junior high isn’t exactly what you should be doing anymore. Instead of moving your entire upper body to a full sitting position, you should focus on doing a crunch instead. Start by laying with your back on the ground and your knees bent upward. Place your hands on the side of your head. Exhale and tighten your abdominal muscles while tilting your upper body until your shoulder blades are off the ground. Inhale on your way back down.


Crunch variations all come down to leg placement and torso movement. To focus on your lower abdominal region, lift your feet off the ground while keeping your knees up and do a regular crunch. To focus on your sides, lean both of your knees to the left or right and do a normal crunch.

Crunches should not be done every day, as your abdominal muscles need plenty of time to recover. Try doing a mixed set of the various crunches two to three times a week to start. Instead of adding more days, add more crunches instead of more days.


Running is a great cardiovascular activity, but if you’re new to losing weight, it’s probably not your best choice. Try going for a thirty minute walk three times a week to start. Increase the number of days and the length of the walk as it becomes easier.

If you are going to focus on running, it’s best not to do long runs for weight loss. Studies show shorter bursts of high intensity exercise, mixed with lower intensity exercise, will have a greater impact on fat loss. Warm up by jogging at a comfortable pace for three minutes. Then, alternate thirty second sprints at full speed with two minute lengths of jogging. As this becomes easier, increase the length of sprints and decrease the lengths of jogging. Increase from three times a week to more days and longer time.


However you choose to exercise, it’s important to remember that a change isn’t going to occur overnight. If you are mostly sedentary, you may see some more immediate benefits with an exercise program, including increased energy and improved mod. Try not to lose more than two to three pounds per week. Faster weight loss is less likely to have a lasting impact than slower weight loss. And more important than anything else: check in with a doctor before beginning any new fitness program. That way, you’ll learn exactly where you are starting. Your doctor will let you know of any limitations or special considerations you should account for, and may even offer more advice on weight loss. Just remember: you don’t need to go to the gym or even purchase any special equipment to lose weight. You just need commitment and consistency to do it.

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