Use Numerological Compatibility To Find Your Perfect Partner

What is the difference between astrology and numerological compatibility, given that both belief systems are used to analyse certain aspects of your life, especially with regard to finding your perfect life partner?

These two go hand in hand for astrologers despite belonging to two entirely different spectrums which is what makes this analysis an interesting read as web portals like simply buzzes too have made their own analysis of how and where to look to decipher the compatibility factor in finding a good life partner especially as today’s generation is very choosy in such matters.

There are many people all over the world who read their horoscopes each day, hoping they’ll be forewarned, and therefore put in a position to take advantage of, a lucky break or windfall that’s heading their way. On the flip side, these same people genuinely believe that these predictions will also help them to avoid bad events in their lives, or at least be cognizant of the fact that something bad is coming their way and they are therefore emotionally prepared.

Your daily, or at a very minimum your weekly, horoscope is often published in a way that further analysis of the signs is possible. Those who take the meaning of their horoscopes very seriously often also consult astrologists on a regular basis to ask for direction and advice in their lives, but it should be borne in mind that any such information given by an astrologist will be based only on that person’s personal interpretation of the horoscope in question.

Then there are those people who believe that the precepts of numerological compatibility will point them in the right direction to improve themselves and their lives, thus leading to greater happiness and contentment – and even possibly to find the love of their life. The study of numerology is based on either the conversion of letters into numerical values, or of all the objects in our universe creating vibrations of lesser or greater degrees, including numbers, which were given specific numerical values.

It is believed by those who practise and believe in the principles of numerology that 50% of the personality of a person comes from the addition of all the numbers relating to their date of birth, while the other 50% of a person’s make-up is derived from the letters making up their name being converted into their numerical equivalents.

In one form of numerology, the vibrations emitted by each specific letter in the alphabet denotes its numerical value, while in its other form, letters are given numerical values. This means, for instance, that the letter A equates to the number 1, B to the number 2 and so on. As numerology only uses the numbers one to nine, there is more than one letter which relates to each number. Thus the letter J (the 10th in the alphabet) is also assigned the number 1.

Not only does numerology convert letters to numbers, but it also attributes certain characteristics to those numbers. For example, the number one is connected to control, dominance and power, and two is mainly attributed to the powers of intuition and emotion. Three represents family, love, creation and happiness, while four pertains to intelligence, discipline and logic. These are only brief examples of how numbers are analysed, so you should consult a numerologist in order to find your perfect partner by way of numerological compatibility.