Top 3 Places Where You Can Visit So That You Can Have The Best Weekend Getaways From Chicago

Chicago is an amazing place with good food and so many sites where you can visit and have a weekend getaway. If you are looking for a hidden place that is far from the bust street of Chicago where you can spend some quality time with your loved one, then do not worry. You can find many places where you can go with a couple, and if you want, you can go on a solo trip.

These places are the perfect spot for weekend getaways or last minute getaways from Chicago. It will inspire you and will make your mood so good and exciting. Some of those places are mentioned in the following points-

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva is just an hour and a half ride from Chicago and can be a weekend paradise if you go there in summer. You can get a luxurious cruise from there in which you will get everything that is needed. It is best for relaxing and getting a sunbath at the beach.

Galena, Illinois

If you are looking forward to going to a small town, then Galena, Illinois, is the perfect spot where you can spend a weekend. You will get lost in the narrow streets with amazing historic mansions and the best view of green hills. It is the best place to spend if you want some peace and alone time with your partner.

Saugatuck Michigan

It is the best place to have the best summer weekend trip at the pristine beach, which has Lake Michigan on the side. It is the best weekend spot from Chicago where you can find art galleries, small workshops, and many other stunning places and get a delicious dinner, and you can find the perfect stay there.