Tips for Teaching Your Autistic Child How to Complete Basic Cleaning Chores

Teaching your autistic child life skills is a good idea for many reasons. First it gives them a skill that they can use when they are adults, secondly it will help you out at home and finally it allows them to contribute to the operation of their household. One life skill that most autistic children will be able to learn is basic cleaning shores. However, like any other child, you will need to teach your autistic child how to safely complete cleaning chores.

Tidying Up

The first cleaning chore that you can teach your autistic child to do is basic tidying up. To introduce this activity you can starts by labeling the locations where things go, i.e. bookshelf, video case, blankets, etc… This will make putting things away easier for your autistic child to understand. You may also want to label the items that they need to put away, i.e. blanket, toy, book, etc…As you show your child how to put things away make it a game so that tidying up becomes a fun activity instead of a compulsion.


Vacuuming can be a tricky cleaning chore for autistic kids to complete because of the noise that it makes. You can overcome the noise of a vacuum by providing your child with noise canceling headphones. You can also start teaching this cleaning skill by taking a dry run when the vacuum is turned off. Let them become familiar with the vacuum in its quiet stage so that they can see that it is not a scary tool. Then have them wear their noise canceling headphones while they push the vacuum around. Finally show them how to turn the vacuum on and off and then how to operate the vacuum to vacuum the rug.

Cleaning the Bathroom

This cleaning chore is better suited for older kids, teens and adults with autism. Since they will be working with cleaning supplies it is important to take safety into consideration. Start by providing them with their own pair of latex gloves. You can write their name on the gloves in black marker. Then put together a cleaning kit that is just for them. Use non-toxic and organic cleaning solutions to make this a safer activity. Then give them written instructions on how to clean the bathroom. Start with one cleaning task at a time. Wait until they master that task before moving on the next task. You can laminate the instructions for each cleaning task and place them all on a ring that can hung up in the bathroom. Then when it is time to clean the bathroom, your child can select the card for the job that they need to do.

Autism is pretty bad and it becomes difficult to handle kids with such a condition but that doesn’t mean that they should be neglected because any child would require specific attention from elders in such cases and you can’t just hire some maid service Austin to take care of the child.