The Best Of Two Games In One – Twister Dodgeball Outdoor Fun

It’s summer time. Time to find fun things to do outside with the family. Games have to be fast-paced and fun to keep the kids and family active and interested. Hasbro, as usual, is on the forefront of developing fun and games. This time, it is a combo of a Milton Bradley game, Twister, and a classic outdoor game, dodgeball.

When we thought Twister was never going to change, they added Twister Moves. This year, Twister has added three new outdoor games. The most fun Twister game this year is Twister Dodgeball. There are three different games you can play with Twister Dodgeball. Everyone gets a turn to dodge, and everyone gets a turn to throw the ball. The whole family can play, so get them up and get them outside. Give Twister Dodgeball a try.

For only $14.99 you can turn your backyard into a battle field. Appropriate for ages zero and up, Twister Dodgeball includes five colored wristbands and a Twister Dodgeball. The ball is foam, so you don’t have to worry about injury common with playground dodgeballs. Recurring lawsuits from dodgeball injuries can be put to rest with the Twister Dodgeball game. Unless Hercules is playing, you don’t have much to worry about. The foam ball has enough weight to throw, but enough give to prevent injury.

It is akin to throwing a flower at your adversary and Twister Dodgeball has always been popular when it comes to sports and $14.99 is nothing to pay in current times given that you don’t get such a cheap offer even on

The colored bands and the color which the ball lands on determines whose turn it is to throw. Other players dodge, duck, and run. The last person standing is the winner. It is easy to adapt for any age, or all ages. It is designed specifically for ages 7 and up, but lots of people like the game.

Since all you need is the ball and the wristbands, you can carry the game along to the park, the beach, or just play it in the backyard. Everyone we’ve played with has loved the game. It is such an easy concept, and doesn’t require learning a bunch of obscure rules. The biggest thing to worry about is whether kids, and adults, will be honest about whether the ball hit them or not.

This is a great party game, and because the kids get to run around, screaming and playing, they will play for hours. I noticed some teenagers on MySpace had played the game. They seemed to enjoy it because they got a kick and a laugh out of throwing the ball at each other’s butt. The neat thing is, it is a game kids and teens both enjoy, and can even play together.

We are using the game at summer camp, and plan to have the teens play it in the gym during their next lock-in at Church. It is great for just about any occasion. Twister Dodgeball even works in the pool, but this is recommended for good swimmers, and older kids. There is a lot of splashing, diving, and gasping. A game of Twister Dodgeball in the pool should be closely supervised by an adult, but it sure is fun.

Twister Dodgeball is inexpensive and fun. In my opinion, it is one of the best new games for the summer.