Social Networking Websites for the Shy Person

With the advent of websites like MySpace and Gather, social networking has become an omnipresent force on the internet. People use social networking sites to keep in touch with old friends, make new friends, and even market, or network for their business. If you are shy, you know how hard it can be to reach out and connect with someone. In this article, you will learn how even a very shy person can become comfortable with social networking websites.

How Do Social Networking Websites Work?

Social networking websites usually provide you with a personal page or site that you can edit in your own way. You can put any type of information about yourself on these pages, and can usually design them in different ways as well.

After designing your social networking page, the purpose of most of these sites is to share your interests with others. You do this by visiting other’s personal pages and asking to be their friend, or inviting them to become your friend. While this may sound frightening to the shy person, it is really quite easy to do.

How to Connect With Others

On a social networking website, it is easy to search the entire site to find people with similar interests to you. For example, if you love 1980’s punk music, you can search for other members who list that as one of their favorite styles of music. If you find some, all you have to do is write a comment on their page saying “Cool groups!” or something like that. Making a comment like that is easy for a shy person. It invites the person to respond to you, but puts no pressure on them. Many shy people dislike the idea that they may appear to be begging for friends.

Internet Anonymity Helps You Out

Shy people usually find it easier to make social connections with others on the internet than in real life. After all, no one really knows who you are on the internet. On social networking websites, it is important to be honest, especially if you would like to make offline friends as well. You do not have to reveal much about yourself in the beginning however. Nor do you have to respond immediately to anyone that takes interest in you.

In addition, if you are shy about sending requests to someone you like to connect with, it is now possible for you to do so through the help of sites and services like This platform will allow you to see private profiles of people you want to follow.

Even the shyest person can utilize social networking websites. The anonymity of the internet can help you practice your social skills in a less stressful setting. By understand how social networking websites work, you will be able to avoid social faux pas. Shy people can overcome their trepidation through the use of social networking websites.