Review Fun Way To Earn Bitcoins

Today we will present which is a bitcoin betting site that is completely based on the browser itself, with no additional plugin or anything of the kind required, and will soon start accepting mco coin. comes with features that no other site can offer. Typically, all other data-gaming sites have a house variable of 1-2%, so Rollin works in the house ranging from 0.8% to 1% making the company have less advantage over its users.

The withdrawals and deposits are immediate, once you have a confirmation in the bitcoin network that normally takes 10 minutes, you can start playing immediately with your deposit. The best feature you’ll find in Rollin is the level system you get with the bets and activities in the chat plus the prizes that are delivered weekly with the first place in the rank ” Caesars ” winning 500 m ฿, the second place wins 250 m ฿, the third 125 m ฿ and the fourth to eighth users earn 25 m ฿. According to the image below:

Deposits and Withdrawals

As mentioned above the Rollin website gives its users the best experience with deposits and withdrawals. Deposits only need confirmation in the bitcoin network to be credited to your balance, while withdrawals are instant which means that when you request the withdrawal of your balance you will already receive the balance in your wallet.

Bonus and Free Bitcoin

Unfortunately, Rollin does not offer the typical first and second reload bonuses, which it offers, are ” free bitcoins ” for a total of 200 satoshis, no need to deposit anything to get that bonus. You just have to click the ( Free Bitcoins ) button.

We did a survey on the minimum bet on Rollin and found that the minimum bet was reduced to 1 Satoshi, which is equivalent to 0.00001 m ฿. So the bitcoins that we get can really be useful for a few moments of scrolling the data. Rollin also has a feature called Rainbow that allows players to send bitcoins to random players via chat, this is done by typing ” / rain”. This command randomly selects 10 lucky players from the last 500 games who placed a bet of at least 1 Satoshi. Players with higher levels have a greater reward.

Player Levels

The Rollin website FAQ page, it provides a comprehensive guide on player levels, bitcoin amounts, and corresponding bet values. The more you play and the higher the accumulated amounts you bet, the higher the amounts you can start earning. Conversely, the home advantage is decreased, starts at 1%, and eventually decreases to 0.8% after the player reaches level 11.

Customer support

Rollin only provides customer support via email. If you have complaints, questions, or other concerns, you can send your email directly to You can also find other players who will want to help you with the problems you find through the chatbox.

Conclusion Review is a very light and joyful site for those who want to relax after a day of work and want to play some bitcoins. For those who want to play but do not yet have bitcoin, the site offers a faucet that gives 200 satoshis at the beginning, and that increases as you bet more on the site.