Pokemon Go- Various Powerful Mega Evolution Forms Are Added

A software company called as Niantic released a new mega revolution feature in the Pokemon Go game as it was first introduced in earlier Pokemon games. There are games like Pokemon X and Y, which was later named as sun and moon. This new mega evolution is like an energy that can only be earned with the help of battling mega-evolved pokemon in raids.

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Stronger pokemon in new forms

The new form is added, which helps in making the pokemon much stronger than ever, so in this way, you can easily perform battle at a much higher level. If you are new to this, then make sure to do some training with your pokemon before going for the actual battle. If not, then you might face issues in winning.

You can hold that mega evolution pokemon only once, so do not miss the chance and grab it.

A new Pokedex feature is introduced.

There is a ne Pokedex feature introduced in this game, which helps in keeping track of the pokemon that you have collected. So in this way you can be aware of your competitor too. This feature is marvelous as you should not miss it at any cost. Play pokemon go anytime and catch as much pokemon as you can.

With the help of this, you can easily come to make progress in the game, and thus you can get above your friends by collecting the maximum pokemon and train them under the gym.