Pest Control: How to Prevent Termites

Termites are a hazard to your home. Learning how to prevent them is one of the most important steps along with hiring mosquito pest control near me. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent termites from infesting and destroying your home. Termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs if they are not kept under control.

Here are some pest control tips to keep termites away from your home:

Tip 1:

Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to keep your gutters clear of debris to allow water to flow through properly. It is also a preventative measure against termites. Termites are looking for areas that absorb a lot of moisture. Keeping the gutters clean is important because if you don’t, termites are more likely to be very close to your home.

Tip 2:

Don’t use wood chips for mulch. This allows water to stand still in your gardens and flowerbeds. Termites love wood and moisture. Using wood chips as mulch is like having a termite party and inviting thousands of guests.

Tip 3:

Repair leaky faucets around your home. It is important to keep the dampness down in all areas of your home to avoid these pests. Getting leaky faucets repaired should be a top priority. It will also allow you to conserve water usage so it’s a win-win situation.

Tip 4:

Termites eat wood so it’s imperative that you keep wood and paper products away from your foundation. If you have a wood stove and need to have a woodpile in the yard, keep it as far away from your home as possible. Make a platform for the wood to sit on rather than placing the wood directly on the ground. Repair any cracks or damage to wood that connects to your home including decking materials.

Tip 5:

Make sure that your vents are clear of debris. Put screens on the ends of the vents to prevent debris entry. Materials that get into the vents of the home are a great place for termites to invade your home.

Tip 6:

Don’t use untreated wood for construction purposes in your home. For instance, if you are building a deck, either purchase wood that is pre-treated or is sure to treat the wood before you complete the project. Using untreated wood will increase your chances of getting termites.

Tip 7:

Get rid of stumps when you take down a tree. Termites love these areas because they are so easy to infiltrate. It may be easier to let the stump stay where it is, but termites will love you for it. Have them removed to avoid major damage to your home.

Preventing termites isn’t difficult. If you follow the above tips, you will be well on your way to keeping these pests from causing great destruction to your home. The benefits of keeping your home termite-free far outweigh any reason why you don’t want to take these steps. Get rid of this pest before they even arrive.