How to buy telescopic flagpole in simple steps

Are you looking for telescopic flagpole? Well, today is your lucky day! In the past, the only material that could be used for a flagpole was wood, which is undoubtedly still a popular classic. Today we also use the following materials for the telescopic Lipumastid – aluminum and stainless steel. In addition to durability and stability, telescopic flagpoles are maintenance free. You will simply be happy for longer with a high-quality telescopic flagpole – and that is what matters.

The flagpole made of aluminum

Aluminum has long since replaced wood as the most popular flagpole material. Furthermore, aluminum proves to be extremely stable and at the same time, it is quite elastic even in the presence of strong winds. At the same time, aluminum does not require as much maintenance as wood. However, telescopic flagpole made from stainless steel may require very little maintenance over time. 

What shines is noble

If your flagpole is made of stainless steel, it shines noble and elegant. However, this flagpole is not just visually compelling. In addition to its high-quality appearance, the stainless steel flagpole is also impressive with its high stability and low maintenance. However, stainless steel is the heaviest of all materials. It is therefore ideal for the garden, where visual impact is also important and the position is maintained for a long time.

Classically good: wooden flagpole

The wooden flagpole is the classic par excellence. Wood convinces with its flexibility and lightness. Wooden flagpoles are usually made of spruce or fir. Wood is subject to the elements and requires a lot of elaborate care. The wood for the flagpole needs to be impregnated and painted in advance to keep the effects of time away, at least for some time. In return, it radiates the charm of a natural product and is unique as such. The wooden flagpoles of our shop have been transformed to measure.