How To Break Up With A Girl Friend Without Hurting Her

How to break up with a Girlfriend? How to dump a lover? I am definitely not someone who writes on such topics. I believe that if a relationship can be salvaged efforts should be made to save it. I am writing this Blog Post on the request of a friend of mine who had wanted to dump his girlfriend for a long time but has been hanging on to the relationship which has been making him unhappy for several months because he does not want to hurt her. He asked me for advice on how he can end the relationship without breaking the girl’s heart as he no longer loves her and finds it difficult to continue pretending that he does. So I thought that I would write some tips on breaking up from a love relationship.

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There might be many Guys out there who might want to move on from a loveless relationship but scared to because the partner is very sensitive. If you had been in a serious relationship, breaking up is not going to be an easy job. If you think that you can break up with your lover without breaking her heart or causing pain, let me tell you that it is foolishness to even expect that. However, I don’t think there is any point in hanging on to a relationship if a relationship is suffocating you and making you unhappy. Continuing the relationship can only cause more unhappiness and hurt to the parties involved. The longer you hold it off, the worse it will be for both of you. So what should be done? Tell her that you want out. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Just understand that it is your responsibility to her if you aren’t into the relationship. Otherwise, you’re cheating her out of being with someone who can give her a better life. 

She deserves to be told what is going on and how you are feeling. Don’t let her know through someone else. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Do it now! Don’t delay or postpone it. She will be terribly hurt, but she will survive. Don’t be cowardly and do the dumping by email, chat, voice/text message, status message in social networking sites etc. Sit down and talk to her, face-to-face. She may question you or try to fix the problems but be focused on your decision if the relationship is really over in your mind. There is no point dragging it more. If you have decided to dump your lover it is best done in one quick sharp motion. Once you have let her know about it cut all communication with her. Don’t give her any hope that she can get you back. Don’t even give her the hope that you two can be friends. If you want to be friends with your Ex take steps towards it only after 3-6 months. But make it very clear to her that it is only friendship that you want. Who knows may be you would want her back after the distance from her makes you realize how much you value her in your life.