How Removal Vehicles Have Advanced Over The Years

Removal is a big business, with around 11% of the population moving around the UK each year, business is booming! There is an art to removal, winding couches out of doors that seem as if they could never have allowed the item to pass in the first place and using creative packing combinations to maximize the space used in the van.

Removal trucks have come a long way over the years. Previously it was natural that a standard van was modified in some way to increase the usefulness of the vehicle. This would include adaptation or fitting of additional bodywork, increasing the space available within the truck. There is also the additional space that is created in the Luton truck which resides in that compartment above the driver’s head.

Although these historical, yet beautiful trucks went about their business with no problems at all, they were limited in capacity and safety. This is where modern removal trucks have made their mark in the industry, making a move easier, quicker, safer, and cheaper. And several moving companies with the motto We move out of state have now established themselves.

One of the most significant enhancements in modern trucks is the sheer size them. Many of these vehicles have multiple trailers allowing for an enormous load of goods to be transferred in one trip. This can cut down on the cost of the removal (only one van needed) and can make the job much easier for the removal technicians.

Another enhancement to these trucks is the way in which you gain access to the storage area. Older trucks would have had a set of double doors to the rear of the vehicle; this made it difficult to maneuver very large items into space. Some trucks, like the 2009 DAF LF 160 Truck, open on the side of the vehicle, with the opening taking up the whole length of the cab, making access very easy.

Lifting and moving mechanics were not common on older removal vehicles. This is something else that has improved the usefulness of the trucks. For very heavy objects, there is lifting machinery (sometimes even in the form of a crane) that enables objects which would otherwise be impossible to lift into the loading area.

Engine size and power is a key factor in this process. We know we have been able to increase the load we carry in these trucks, but if we don’t have the engine power to move this load, we are going to have a problem. Fortunately, engine power in these modern beasts is not a problem. Take for example the Mercedes AXOR 5 Door truck; this monster has a Euro 5+ engine for power and reliability.

As you can see there have been big changes in the removal truck scene. As houses get bigger and more people move, there could well be some more advancements in the removal industry arena.