Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification

What is Hatha Yoga? Hatha Yoga is the basis for a variety of popular yoga classes. Hatha yoga is the traditional poses of the body and the breathing that accompanies getting into different positions. Hatha yoga is designed to stimulate the physical, mental and spiritual parts of the body. The mind and body connect through breath control and meditation. Hatha Yoga is the contemplation of one reality or Raja Yoga. You can search for certification schools to be a Hatha Yoga instructor in many locations coast to coast. Do you have the time and the money to travel to distant locations to obtain your certifications? In these financial hardship times, it may not be reasonable for you to travel away from your family or your budget may not allow the cost involved in personal training.

There are ways other than traveling far from home to obtain your certification and they do not have to put a financial hardship on you or your family. With Internet technology, you can train online to be a Hatha Yoga instructor in a reasonable amount of time from the comfort of your own home. Since not everyone can take the time to travel to and train in India or Tibet, Internet learning, distance learning, learning with a DVD and online classes have become a way to reach your goals of certification within a reasonable amount of time. This makes a Hatha Yoga Instructor Certification more attainable when you do not have to fly to a distant location for personal instruction. Personal instruction should be provided through the person and try this for the person. There can be online classes or providing of the instructions over distant locations. The use of the latest technology should be done through the person.

You may ask several questions regarding Hatha Yoga Instructor Certification from an online source. How is certification obtained online without the personal classroom experience? It is required that you complete 200 hours of training to become an instructor of yoga. This is the industry norm. Anything less than 200 hours will not include modifications, anatomy, asanas, doshas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras, chakras, physiology, the subtle body, meditations, or contraindications all which should be known by an instructor.

DVD is one of the most popular learning tools for distance learning. It is similar to being in a classroom. Experienced yoga practitioners should not have problems following the DVD format and you should not be an instructor without first being a student. You may have a yoga instructor that you currently practice that can help you also. You will want to be involved in a yoga class or have knowledge of yoga to be an effective instructor. Your internship will go smoothly if you are already practicing yoga with an instructor.

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