Gateway DX Series Desktop


The Gateway DX Series desktop computer is a great computer at a great price. This is the perfect option for someone who wants a piece of technology which isn’t already outdated (a frequent occurrence in the fast-paced computer market) but doesn’t carry a hefty price tag. It is diverse enough to handle the needs of a family. The parents who want to get work done will be able to do so efficiently. Children who want to do homework and play games can do both (simultaneously when no one is watching). Even grandma and grandpa can get into the game using Windows 7 Home Premium, an easy-to-use operating system which is both intuitive and streamlined. On top of all of this it is stylish with a black glossy finish and has a glowing white internal light which adds depth and an element of sophistication.

The DX Series comes with a great dual-core processor which is par for the course these days in terms of processing power in computers. It comes with 4 GB of RAM which is ample memory to play computer games, get work done, listen to music, watch movies, and anything else you can think of doing. If you want to do some high-end video or photo editing you might want to consider upgrading to 6 GB of RAM, which is a definite possibility due to the spacious enclosure that Gateway provides. It has a large hard drive, ranging from 500 GB on up to 640 GB. Don’t worry about running out of space for your important documents, photos, and videos. If you’re anything like the typical family of users, this should last you several years before having to even consider an alternative storage option. That being said, I always recommend an external hard drive to store data because you never know when disaster strikes and you could lose data if it’s not backed up on another hard drive. The visual of the league of legends lvl 30 account should be clear and effective through the desktop of the personal computer. A  complete storage should be there in the hard dire of the computer for storing the account information. 

Another alternative to increasing the storage capacity of the Gateway DX desktop besides an external hard drive is another internal hard drive. Gateway has made this possible through the Hard Drive Expansion Bay. It’s not exclusive to Gateway but it’s a feature which they have failed to neglect. Use the expansion bay to install another hard drive and increase the storage capacity of the computer to whatever you’re comfortable with. They have internal hard drives which can store up to 2 TB of space! The Gateway DX desktop has an integrated graphics card which gives you HD video with crisp, stunning images and smooth playback. This graphics card is what you’ll be using when you watch movies, view photos, or playing video games. Because it’s integrated you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems or not having enough memory to run the games that you want. As for the sound when watching movies or playing games, it comes with high-definition audio and 5.1-channel surround sound support. This means that you can hook this desktop to an external set of speakers and get amazing sound. If you hook it up to a surround sound system it will be able to integrate with that system and give you the quality sound you want.

If you’re looking to create your own DVD’s or CD’s then you can use the SuperMulti Optical Drive. This is your average high speed optical drive so you won’t have to wait very long for the finished product to pop out of the disc tray. With the multi-in-1 card reader you can upload content from your digital video recorder or digital camera without the need of a cord. Simply slide in your SDHC card or whatever it is you use to store data and pull it right off the card!

As for ports and accessibility for gadgets the Gateway DX has you covered. There is an HDMI port so you can port content to an HDTV or external monitor in full 1080p HD. Ports that you use frequently are easily accessible due to their placement along the top-front of the desktop. If you plug in a flash drive often you won’t have to struggle to place it into the back of the desktop, simply pop it into one of the front USB ports and you’re good to go. The top of the desktop is recessed so you can conveniently place accessories and gadgets and be comforted that they are secure. They won’t slide off the top because the recess keeps them firmly in place. There is also a lid on the top-rear of the desktop which can hide cables. Plug in your accessory or peripheral and hide the extra length of cord in the storage area.