First Person: Monetizing Your College Degree

For many of us that have recently completed our college education, we have found ourselves deep in debt and short on careers. With the economy in shambles, it is hard to find any employment, especially careers related to our educational goals. With student loans coming due and life’s expenses continuing to roll in, we need to find a way to use our degree and make a living. This is why I would recommend Velgenklere for all the students that are thinking about student loans and want to learn all about the pros and cons of getting student loans.

The following are a few ways that I have explored since completing my MBA.

Freelance Writing

Having earned a college degree, you have learned how to conduct research and develop content related to your field. Across the country and around there world there are thousands of businesses that are looking for educated and field experienced writers that can develop content for their various needs. You can focus on writing about topics in your career field and have your content published on websites, in magazines and used in a multitude of mediums. An experienced freelancer can earn a decent living in this career once they have established themselves with a portfolio of clients.

Writing a Book

If you are a good writer and have a passion for your field of study, you will be able to grow a good following as an author. You could create a series of books related to various topics within your field that would provide research, in-depth analysis and explanation to readers about existing issues and potential changes to the field going into the future. Technology makes it very easy to self-publish your own books with little to no out of pocket cost. Being a published author in your field also goes a long way to establish yourself as an expert and could lead to more career opportunities for yourself.


With the lack of guaranteed success coming from the traditional college world at this point in time, more learners are becoming interested in non-credit courses that will prepare them for specific jobs and business opportunities. Using your research techniques, you can develop content to help train other learners for roles with various jobs in your field across the country. These courses could be offered at a local community college, by renting hall space and selling seats ahead of time or even on the Internet in real-time or self-paced programs. Establishing yourself as an instructor in your field can also lead to leadership and consulting positions with businesses in your field.

Earning your degree was never meant to be a golden ticket for that perfect career right out of school. By being creative in using your degree you can turn your education into a revenue source despite the poor economy.