Female Baldness The Treatments Available For This Problem

A lot of people believe the myth that only men experiences hair loss. Although men experiences hair loss in a much greater frequency than females, you have to remember that female baldness can also occur. Mainly, the cause of female hair loss is due to hereditary factors but most look for daily routine for natural hair growth. This means that the reason for female hair loss is their genes. If their parents and grandparents have this kind of problem, then there is a great chance that they will also experience hair loss.

The main cause of baldness in women is a chemical in their body called DHT. The DHT is a byproduct of a hormone in the human body. It is considered to be essential in the developmental phase of the human body but you have to remember that it is also one of the main causes of pattern baldness.

When women reach the menopausal phase, the DHT in their bodies will increase and the production of the hormone that actually protects women from hair loss is stopped. Pattern baldness will usually start at the top of the head and the sides will normally be the last thing to be affected by hair loss. Now, because of the society we live in today, you will see that there are now a lot of hair loss prevention products and treatments available for women.

Baldness in women is usually treated with one of the three methods on preventing or at least covering the hair loss. You will see that one of the three methods will be favorable to you and you will have a choice on which one you are most comfortable with. So, here are the three methods on how you can treat your hair loss problem.

First of all, it is important that you talk to your doctor first regarding the treatment. You have to remember that not all are suitable for different people. By consulting your doctor or dermatologist about it, they will be able to give you recommendations on what method you should go for and what method is the safest.

The first method is through the new prescription drug called Rogaine. This is what a lot of women use to treat hair loss and is only one of the two products that have been approved by the FDA. However, you need to remember that only half have successfully treated hair loss using this method. This particular product is in a lotion form that you need to put on your scalp right after shampooing.

The second type of treatment method is through wigs and hair thickeners. Although these products may seem uncomfortable, many women who don’t want to fight hair loss find this method of treating hair loss very useful. It is cheap and it can effectively cover thinning hair or baldness. However, you need to remember the fact that you may want to make it look natural by getting one custom made for you.

Lastly, hair transplant is another option that you can try. This method is the least recommended method for females when dealing with hair loss. You have to remember that this has certain risks involved even if modern surgical procedures have improved the way they perform the operation. For this method, you will want to talk to your doctor first in order for you to know if this is indeed for you.

These are the three female baldness treatments available today. With it, you will be able to treat hair loss effectively. Just remember to always consult your doctor first before you try and go through one of the treatments.

Some degree of hair loss is normal. As people get older, their hair may naturally start to lose volume and strength. Over time, however, some follicles stop producing hair, and hair shafts become finer. The hair also starts to lose its color. If a person notices significant hair thinning or the development of bald patches, they may be experiencing hair loss.