Fake a Clean House

Even the best housekeepers can be caught off guard once in awhile and find it necessary to fake a clean house. Most people find it difficult to find enough time to do everything they need to and this includes cleaning your home but sometimes unexpected things interfere with your cleaning time.

Perhaps you’ve been sick or had to work extra hours outside the home. Maybe you had a lot of errands to run one week. Whatever the reason, when you have someone dropping by unexpectedly and you haven’t had time to do a thorough cleaning you can use the following tips to help fake a clean house.

Fake a Clean House by Concentrating Your Efforts in These 5 Places

When you’re preparing to entertain guest and you don’t have time to clean there are 5 main places where you need to concentrate your efforts. These are listed below along with a reason why they are important. Sometimes there will be requirement of fake clean of the house; the професионален домоуправител will offer such services to the clients. The concentration will be on the 5 main places to provide the effective look. The work will be done with efficiency so that there will be no mistake.

  1. The Entrance- This is the first thing your guest will see and you don’t want them to be greeted by a mess.
  2. The Living Room- The area where you’ll be entertaining your guest should be the cleanest since this is where they’ll be spending most of their time.
  3. The Bathroom- No one can overlook a dirty bathroom so this is a critical area that should be cleaned.
  4. The Kitchen- Your guest should not have to see dirty dishes sitting in the sink or cluttered countertops and table when walking through.
  5. Hallways- You don’t want your guest tripping over clutter sitting in the hallway when trying to go from one room to another. This would be very embarrassing.

Now that you know the 5 areas of your home where you need to concentrate the most effort the following tips can help you learn how to make your house appear clean.

Cleaning Tips To Help You Fake a Clean House

You can make your home appear clean in just a few short minutes by using the following tips. The first step is to get control of any odor within the home. Depending on the time of year you can open a window, turn on a fan or turn up the air conditioner. You can also spray air freshener, set out paprika or burn scented candles to freshen up the air.

Clutter of any kind from dirty clothes to mail or newspapers laying around makes a home look messy and unorganized. Eliminate any clutter that can be seen by the guest. Since you’re trying to fake having a clean house and your time is limited all you need to do is get them out of sight until you do have time to properly take care of them. Place laundry, mail and any other items that are cluttering up your home in a basket or bag and place it in the closet to get them out of sight.

Put all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the countertops and sink. Tidy up the bathroom and put out fresh towels and run the vacuum cleaner over the floors. If you still have a few minutes you can change trash bags, dust and straighten up anything that looks messy. Now you know how to fake a clean house and you’re ready for the guest to arrive.