Enjoy The Lowest Andorra Taxes In Europe!

Personal income tax

Andorra impuestos is one of the lowest rates of income tax in Europe. The numbers tax system on Andorra is that nobody pays more than 10% of their taxable income. The national government imposes an income tax. Whereas other countries where the residents have to pay the state and federal income tax. Its increasing number of double-tax treats makes Andorra integral to the investment environment for global business. The personal tax is the primary concern while deciding to form a company, find a job, or living in Andorra. The tax has a relatively low rate and straightforward taxation system.

Types of taxable income

The income tax in Andorra applies to all forms of income, losses, and capital gains. The andorra impuestos their residents based on their worldwide income. The income that is taxable includes:

  • The overseas employer’s salary.
  • The dividends and coupons that the people from abroad invest.
  • The person’s annuity.
  • Their welfare payment.
  • Their plans for insurance and saving that they have from abroad.

People paying tax

The residents of Andorra who have spent at least 183 days in the country in that particular year should pay the IRPF. It is also payable by people, who base most of their economic and personal activity in Andorra. They pay no more than 10% of their income in tax. The total is less than this due to the deductions and bracket system. There are special rules for non-residents and married couples.


The tax laws in Andorra are evolving. This evaluation is with a straightforward system without worrying and is negotiable. Banks will treat the lowest rates of tax in the compliant world. Whether the people plan to live or incorporate in the country, They provide the best tax system that is not a lot of burdens for people to pay.