Determining the Right Containers to Use for Your Container Homes

If you have made up your mind to construct a container home, then the first and obvious step is to determine the right type of container.

And the best way to do is to go through the inspection methodology. It is a simple visual inspection of the container’s functional aspects to determine if it is actually good for home construction.

If you have little or no idea on how to determine the appropriate container for your home, then this article covers the subject fairly adequately.

So, continue reading!

  • Double door container

Construction for this type of container is done using iron and steel. The double doors make it easy to load and unload items. And they are available in 20’ to 40’ in size, thus making it perfect to use for constructing container homes.

  • Open Side Storage container

The doors of this containment unit can be changed to completely open from all sides. And having one side totally open makes loading largesized items easily. It is another common type of shipping container which can be used for constructing houses suited to one’s likings.

  • Dry Containers

They are the commonest type of shipping container used for dry goods transport and more. They are available in 20’ to 40’ and do make excellent containers for building container homes.

  • Tunnel Containers

They have doors on both ends and often come in huge sizes of 20’ or more. The chief component used for its construction is steel, and they are highly durable, tough, and impact resistant. This makes it another quality option for constructing container homes.

  • High cube containers

They are pretty much similar to general containers but taller by 1 foot or so. They come in sizes of 40’, 45’, or even more. And they are impressively durable and damageresistant, which makes them an excellent choice for container home constructions.