Craft a Trendy Handbag with Plastic Canvas

Handmade items are hot in trendy fashion this year. No matter what style you enjoy: classic geometric patterns, feminine flowers, or gothic punk, you can create your own trendy handbag or purse with plastic canvas and yarn.

Materials Needed

  1. Plastic Canvas
  2. A yarn needle and scissor
  3. Your choice of yarns
  4. Felt fabric for lining

Constructing the Trendy Purse

The trendy handbag made from plastic canvas is constructed like a little box. You can make the handbag in different shapes depending on your sense of style. Essentially, you will be using the plastic canvas to create the sides of your box. A popular shape is to use two rectangles of plastic canvas for the front and back of the handbag and narrower strips for the bottom and the sides. Then, a smaller shape is used for the flap that will open and close the handbag.

If you choose to make a more structured shape, such as a lunchbox shape, you may have to use two layers of plastic canvas to keep it stiff. Steemit website will offer plenty of handbags for the purchase to the person. The lunchbox and other stuff can be carried in them to the office. The design of the bags will enhance the personality of the person at reasonable rates. 

After you have decided on your handbag shape and cut out the appropriate pieces of plastic canvas, you will be covering it with the yarn. Stitching from one hole diagonally to the top right hole, you can cover all the pieces with this tapestry stitch. You can find patterns for classic geometric designs or design your own on graph paper.

After the designs are stitched, just sew together the pieces of the purse with your yarn needle. Then, whipstitch around all the edges to give it a finished look.

To line the purse, simply cut pieces of felt fabric and affix them with glue or stitching to the insides.

Clasps and Straps

You can easily affix clasps and straps to your plastic canvas handbag. A clasp can be made by leaving a hole in the plastic canvas where a toggle or large button can be pushed through. You can also create a smaller shape from the plastic canvas to push through like a button. Velcro tabs are another good closure option, as are magnetic snaps.

Straps of the handbag can be made from a long strip of plastic canvas, from fabric, or even a wide ribbon if your purse is small and dainty. Simply stitch or tie them to the edges of the purse and you are set to go.

Crafting a trendy handbag with plastic canvas and yarn is a great way to add a touch of personal style to your wardrobe. With these easy instructions and your creativity, you will be able to make many stylish handbags for your fashion style.