Cpstester- The Site That Shows You How Good You Are With Your Mouse

Everything is done with a click of the button nowadays. The faster you click, the faster you will be able to finish your work. Whether it is a touch screen or not, clicking on a mouse is the most routine thing you do daily. Cpstester.com is a site where you can check your click speed. Is it important to check your click speed? No, it’s just for the curious people who want to know their clicking speed just for fun.

How to test your speed?

How fast can your finger move on the mouse? Knowing this can be fun, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Use any device and go to cpsteter.com. You can use your mobile, desktop, laptop, or tab
  • Click on the timer you want to choose. you can start from 1 second and go up to 100 seconds
  • Start clicking on the big box in the middle 
  • Click with maximum speed till the timer runs out
  • Four cute animals will depict your speed

How fast are you?

The website consists of four cute animals that tell you about your speed: the fox, the rabbit, the cow, and the slug.

  1. If your click per second is more than 10, then you have a fox speed
  2. If your click per second is lesser than ten like it is eight, then your speed is that of a rabbit
  3. If you have a click speed lesser than 8, then you have the speed of a cow
  4. Lastly, if your click speed is lesser than 5, then you have the speed of a slug

You can improve on your clicks any number of times. Playing this game is fun, and you can try and beat your score, which is kind of exciting. Gamers find this very helpful as they can improve on their clicks per second, helping them win games. A lot of companies use this to test their products.

Visit the cpstester.com today and check your clicking speed for fun or improve your speed on the mouse.