Christian Earn Money Online with Creativity

As Christian, we all know that the whole universe was created by God through the witnesses of revelation and also through the teaching of the Bible. As a human, we all inherit the power of creativity from our creator. Since we have this ability, it is important for Christian to discover how we can earn money with creativity. In fact, creativity is not difficult at all. There are tips that Christian should never ignore when dealing with creativity. The following 5 tips are highly recommended by Douglas Williams for any Christian who wants to earn money online with their Godly given creativity.

  1. Beware of what you see every day

We always have a great idea from what we see. We go to work mainly by car, by bus or by subway every day. We will encounter many things with our own eyes. All these encounters are essential for creativity. I remember that I once was on a train to my office and my eyes were focusing on the new train floor when I first walk into the train. The train floor was different from the day before. I sat down for a while and started to play with my cell phone. When I turn on the cell phone cam, I suddenly saw many stars with a different color in the cam. In fact, there were no stars but just the dots on the floor. I took a picture with my cam right away and share this picture with my friends during the night. When I showed this picture to my friends, they all said: “what a beautiful stars picture!” This is a good illustration of creativity. Christian should understand that creative idea is no doubt everywhere in our life. In fact, it is so close that nobody can miss it. Click the following link to find out this great resource :

  1. Beware of what you think every day

Brainstorm is a very important process for Christian who wants to earn money online with creativity. Brainstorm is not a logical product in most cases. It may sound crazy at first but it may also be a great idea when we modify it with some workable idea. I remember once I was involved in a discussion on writing a drama script but came up with no idea at all for the whole team. Suddenly a crazy idea came and everything started to change. The drama ended up to be a very successful one. This is a great example for brainstorm creativity. Since many great products were created from a brainstorm idea, it is important for Christian not to ignore this tip. The following ebook is a great resource on creative thinking, Click and find out more. It’s fun…

  1. Beware of what you read every day

We read many articles, newspapers, magazines, and books in our life. Many of them can be great resources for creativity. It is always good advice for any Christian who wants to earn money online to read more. Reading provides our new information. We can’t keep on using brainstorm for creativity all the time. Self-preparation by reading is essential for Creativity. Christian will gain knowledge and insight through reading. I once read a book on memorization skills and came up with an idea of memory evangelism. That is using memorization skills to share the gospel of Jesus to a group of teens during their summer holidays and the result was amazing. Reading will surely improve our creativity and lead to a result that will be out of our expectation. For any Christian who wants to earn money online with creativity, reading is another key to success.


  1. Beware of what you eat every day

Eating is not just essential for everybody to survive, but it is fun to eat with different cooking styles. The way to cook is different from every culture. If we can modify each kind of food just by adding some new ingredients and change some of the colors attached to it. A new product will come out immediately. For example, a Chinese snack called “red been pudding in a small bowl” has been existed in Hong Kong for a long time. Everybody can buy one for just $3 HKD. It tastes so good that many students will buy some of these puddings to eat after school. One day, some new style of green bean pudding comes out and the red bean pudding started to face its competition. But the one who sells both of these puddings has increased his sales volume because of this new product. If we turn all these new ideas into a new cookbook, it will be a good business for any Christian who wants to earn some money online.

  1. Beware of what you play every day

The new idea of playing will help Christian to make money online as well. We all started to learn how to play different games when were young. My encounter with people from different cultures, we can learn new games all the time. One day, I saw a video about a guy keep jumping around from one corner to another with his technique. I think it is fun and I want to try it myself. Of course, it is not easy for me because I am not as young as the guy in the video. But When I watch the video all over again, I suddenly pop up a new move that some guys may be able to do it. Creativity may not pop up in our minds at first sight. But when we look over anything again, the new idea may just flash in our mind and the new creation will take place. If Christian can grasp all these ideas, write some description and put some drawing into it and make it as an e-book, Christian will surely earn some money online with creativity.

Since creative ideas will come just like lightning, it is just like a flash in our mind. Therefore, it is good advice for Christian to always prepare a pen and a small notebook or notepad to record all these great ideas within a few seconds. Any Christian can earn money online with creativity if they don’t miss this “quick idea”.