Buying Flats At Singapore Condos Online – Leasehold Or Freehold 

Buying a flat in condos in Singapore can be a big thing for many people as it could be the first personal property for many individuals or families. Therefore, everyone wants that they invest their hard-earned money in a profitable property. Hence, everyone spends a lot of time in the selection process and evaluates their investment, and compares multiple properties to find that one perfect house where they could live in peace and security. 

Before buying a property, one must decide whether to invest in a freehold property or a leasehold one. It is also a crucial decision, and if you are unfamiliar with this, you should gain knowledge about this. At can find both types of properties at different locations.

For some basic knowledge, a freehold property is the one that is yours for unlimited time after you buy it. But a leasehold property often comes with 99 years or sometimes 999 years leasehold, after which it is re-allotted to state.

The Location Of The Building Has To Be Optimum For Daily Life

The location of the house is one crucial factor as it affects the pricing of the home majorly. For every individual, it may vary as per their requirement that which is the feasible location. Some choose a property situated in the middle of the town. Others choose to live on the outskirts. For many, the priority is the distance from their job, while others prefer a peaceful location. And the pricing of the flat may vary accordingly.

The Floor Of The House Also Determines Several Factors 

After the location, the pricing of a house also depends upon the floor it is situated on. Typically, a condo could range anywhere between 10 floors to over 20 floors easily, and therefore, the pricing of flats on one floor could vary compared to apartments on other floors. Furthermore, many condominiums have different floor plans, and it could be another reason for a significant change in the property price.

New Vs Resale Condo Flats – Which Is Better And Why?

Many times, people also have to choose between buying a new property or a resale one. Now both of them have almost contrasting factors, yet both are living houses after all. Resale properties can be renewed in small expenses, and it would appear like a new one in no time. But, again, here you have to consider several other factors like the leasehold, renovation cost, brokerage cost, resale value, etc.

Additional Expenses On Resale Flats That You Should Realize

You should know that a resale flat in a condo can ask for various replacements and renovations. For instance, the pipeline, wall crack and paint, any physical damage, carpenter and plumber-based renovation, etc. Please read our guide at for detailed information and buying options.

So, if you are saving a huge junk of money on a resale property, then only should you choose to buy it. Or else, you should go with a new condo because not only do you save the extra expense, but a new property gives you good appreciation value too.

New Ones Have Modern Infrastructure And Other Benefits For Lifestyle 

Moreover, a newly built building has modern infrastructure, better floor planning, stylish accessories, and much more. These days many condominium projects include hi-tech facilities and offers a better lifestyle with access to some advanced facilities that are generally missing in old properties such as recreational centers, pools, clubhouse, and much more. 

But it is also true that older buildings or flats usually have more space or are generally designed to be big, and they are situated at established locations. At the same time, the new ones are generally away from the main parts of town.

Condo House Loans And Mortgage Installments Packages Are Also Available 

Our properties-based service includes house loans and mortgage services too. Those who want to buy properties on loans, installments, or mortgages can also contact us. We would get you the best loan package that suits your requirement and installment choice. Mortgage installments are also available in our services so that you can buy new property at easy terms and secure your and your family’s future.

Know This – New Ones Are Mostly Not Ready To Move In Yet

One important thing about buying flats at condos is that not all of them are ready to move in. When you search for properties online, you will find that most of them are under construction or the projects have not yet started. So, you better keep this point in mind when you are buying the property.

If you are looking for a flat to move in immediately, your best option would be a resale flat as most of them are ready to move in.

For Investors – Open Opportunity To Invest In Our Projects 

Investors can also contact us, as many of our upcoming and running projects calls for investments, and we are available to collaborate with interested investors. Visit for further details and contact information