Attitudes Finally Relaxing Towards Cannabis

Have you noticed that many of the anti-cannabis people in your environment have been seeming a lot more open, even relaxed, about the topic of Cannabis in recent months? I have!

Okay, so maybe not when it comes to law enforcement and the law in Canada… I have noticed the general attitude towards Cannabis in Canada is rapidly changing though!

These people are all for Marijuana legalization as well as making it possible for anyone to buy weed online! I began noticing these conversations starting while at dinners, parties even business meetings. The conversation was usually spurred by the last person in the room you figured would be thinking, let alone talking, about Cannabis.

These people are looking for information, wanting to know more, they are curious as to what exactly Cannabis can do! They simply want to know more and in the most positive of ways.

Over the drone of room, I would hear that word as it crept up above the crowd, no different than my nose would have sensed it if someone had sparked up a big fatty over in the corner! From that point, the conversation would build. There was no negativity, no ‘stoner bashing’, no stigmas being thrown around.

Each time, I would be as shocked as the first only because of the environment that I was in. Again, this was usually in the LAST place you would hear people openly chatting about Cannabis!

Since the beginning of the year, I have noticed an increased rate of further social acceptance by people in this area that I call home.

The Current Status of Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Despite this, six months into 2016 Cannabis is still illegal in Canada. Our medical marijuana system is still in shambles, patients are being denied access to medications, dispensaries across the country are being shut down and harassed by law enforcement, and every day this madness continues only raising that tax bill higher!

But really though, have you noticed in your travels a more relaxed attitude towards Cannabis, recreational or medicinal?