Aced Pokers Revolutionary Aced Outs Loyalty Program

Aced Poker is a novice in this business but has gained reputation in the virtual poker world. In order to allure even more customers, Aced Poker introduced a bonus policy for the new players. First rate poker rooms like Aced Poker are not easy to find where a bonus of up to $750 is offered to new players. They have also got one of the most distinctive Loyalty Reward programs, called the Aced Outs.

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Back in 2008, when the Microgaming network departed from the United States, Aced Poker, in collaboration with the MergeGaming Network moved ahead and gratified not only the international customers but also the American players who were not able to find any stable online poker rooms after the inconsiderate schemes introduced by Congress, which drove away other rooms. It is a reliable poker room and has a long way to go. It will always serve the players with its unique services, software, and game play.

The revolutionary Aced Outs Loyalty Program is one of the finest reward systems in the history of Poker. It grants the participants special points for only playing. These points can then be used by the players to reach the four levels of the Aced VIP program. Depending on how much you offer and how many hands you spit out in a month, you will precede from the VIP levels of clubs and hearts to right up to the baller levels of Spades and Diamonds area.

Different kinds of Aced Outs can be earned for the sake of achieving simple things like earning two hands consecutively, which is called a back-to-back out or for playing a particular amount of hands, for instance 100 hands played is termed as: that is a good start out. One can also achieve these points by hitting a 2-outter on the river, which is called one time! Out or by making a bet on $ 1,000 or more is called the Ballin! out.

So, the points you have won from your personal Aced Outs can mesh you anywhere from 5 points up 50,000 and one can exchange them for tournament tickets, free roll access and markdown for clothes and other products at the Aced Poker store. The value of these benefits augments even more in accordance with the VIP level of the player. They also become limited to those who have achieved the highest level of VIP prominence, which is the diamond level. For further informaiton, you can click here Aced Poker Review.