5 Upcoming TV Actors to Watch for This Fall

The new 2006 fall TV season is fast approaching. This is the time when the networks break out new comedies, dramas, and reality shows and hope that they can create a ratings winner. This is also the time when some of our favorite shows return with new episodes after taking a summer hiatus. Who will be some of the breakout actors this fall? Here is my predictions of five actors to watch for this fall.

Born in Brazil, Rodrigo Santoro is mostly known in his home country for roles in Spanish soap operas and movies. In this country he has had small parts in the movies Love Actually and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. He will soon be better known in this country with his mysterious new role on the hit show Lost on ABC. This handsome young Brazilian actor is definitely one to watch for this fall.

It did not take long for veteran character actor William Fichtner to find a new role after ABC cancelled Invasion. He will soon be seen in the FOX breakout hit Prison Break. He will play a federal agent trying to track down Michael and Lincoln (Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell) in the second season of this hit show. Fichtner has had roles in the movie The Longest Yard and the TV miniseries Empire Falls. Though his face may seem familiar, this new role in Prison Break may make William Fichtner a household name.

Jay Hernandez started his acting career on the NBC teen comedy Hang Time. He has had roles in the movies Friday Night Lights, Ladder 49, and Crazy/Beautiful. This fall you can catch Hernandez in J.J. Abrams’ new ABC drama Six Degrees. If this show is half as successful as Abrams other creation Lost, than Jay Hernandez may reach the same status as Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway.

Sam Page started out on the soap opera All My Children. He also had roles in the shows American Dreams and Point Pleasant. This fall you can catch Page in the new CBS drama Shark starring film actor James Woods. Page will play a young lawyer in this drama. This role may help put this young actor on the map. With the upcoming serials, the talents of the actors are increased for the entertainment of the audience. Along with serials, animation characters for children are available at https://livetv.tube site. The benefit of live television can be taken through the person to get additional engagement. A registration at the page will deliver effective results for young actors. 

Eamonn Walker is a stage-trained British actor who had a role in the HBO series Oz and a guest role in the long running series ER. This fall Walker will have a role in the new FOX legal drama Justice. This could be the role that makes Eamonn Walker a star.

Only time will tell if any of these actors will end up being break out stars. As long as these actors can convincingly play their respective roles, even if their shows don’t end up being hits, they all should have a bright future in Hollywood.