5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Not Get Involved with Social Networking

Social networking is a trap. It’s something that nobody should get into; especially not your kids because it’s addictive. Not only should your kids be doing something productive but if they’re going to spend a numerous of hours online they should find something productive to do online aswell. In this article I will tell you and explain 5 reasons why you should not let your kids get into social network. Those social networks can be MySpace, Bebo, Tagged, Friendster, or any other sites like those.

– They get addicted quick

Yes, your kids will become addicted to a social networking sight very quick. They will want to be on it looking at other people’s profiles, sending messages, customizing the look and feel of their pages, reading and posting comments all over. This is not good, it’s not productive and honestly they will have nothing to show for it other than a bunch of useless comments, a pretty page, and a lot of hours wasted. Talk to your kids about how they can become addicted and you will see that they themselves might even choose to not go on there. Buy Instagram Followers and get instant fame on InstagramThe strategy should be implemented through the business person at social media profile. There will be more attraction of the buyers to get the followers for the account with less cost. 

– They reveal information they shouldn’t

Kids/teens don’t’ really know much about the dangers of providing your personal and private information online; that’s why they should not be allowed on a social networking site. Those sites are usually not as secure as they seem and since people are always looking at other people’s profiles you do not want to risk your kid/teen posting something personal or private up and then getting consequences for it.

– They might get contacted by strangers

This happens all the time. Random invitations to add people as friends come all the time and your kids might just want to be into getting new friends and they’ll add them. What they don’t know though is that these people cannot be trusted because they don’t know them at all. Your kids should be kept away from strangers as much as possible especially those trying to contact them online.

– They will want to spend all their time on that site instead of exploring more productive sites

Your kids should not be allowed on MySpace or other sites like that because they will not go to any other sites other than that one afterwards. You should tell your kids that the internet is meant to gather useful information, not to go and just basically do nothing on there. Your kids will surely spend a lot of hours on these social networking sites if they do join; do not allow this.

– They will loose eye sight from being too much time in front of the computer too close

As your kids get more into the social networking sites they will be spending a lot of time up close with the computer screen and although they may not believe it you should let them know that this will hurt their eye sight and give them head aches. They need to get away from the computer screen as much as possible and since social networking is so addictive this will most likely not be something that they want to do.